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1980 Lister Petter AC1W

Lister Petter AC1W - Year of Manufacture 1980
This engine arrived with MPS for repair. It is a 1980 built Lister Petter AC1W. 6hp @ 3000rpm, Although alot smaller than the engines that are normally found in our workshop this Petter AC1W was sent to us due to repeated unreliability and its eventually reluctance to run at all. As you can see in the photo's the cause was quickly apparent with the removal of the rocker cover as the engine had broken a valve spring resulting in the valve dropping into the cylinder. The engine was repaired and re-assembled before returning to it's owner.
lister petter AC1W engine 001
lister petter AC1W engine 002
lister petter AC1W engine 003
lister petter AC1W engine 004
lister petter AC1W engine 005
lister petter AC1W engine 006
lister petter AC1W engine 007
lister petter AC1W engine 008
lister petter AC1W engine 009
lister petter AC1W engine 010

1952 Lister JP2M

Lister JP2M - Year of Manufacture 1952

January 2014 saw the arrival wiith MPS of this 1952 built Lister JP2M. 21hp @ 1200rpm, fitted with its orignal lister Blackstone reduction gearbox. This engine had been sent to use for investigation and overhaul as it was suffering with overheating, excessive smoke and vibration while under load. It was fully stripped and rebuilt finding very incorrect injection timing, water damaged crankshaft journals, one cracked cylinder head and an incorrectly plumbed water system along the way. The engine was completed to the usual MPS spec and is now back with its owner.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

lister jp2m marine engine 001
lister jp2m marine engine 002
lister jp2m marine engine 003
lister jp2m marine engine 004
lister jp2m marine engine 005
lister jp2m marine engine 006
lister jp2m marine engine 007
lister jp2m marine engine 008
lister jp2m marine engine 009
lister jp2m marine engine 010
lister jp2m marine engine 011
lister jp2m marine engine 012
lister jp2m marine engine 013
lister jp2m marine engine 014
lister jp2m marine engine 015
lister jp2m marine engine 016
lister jp2m marine engine 017
lister jp2m marine engine 018

1944 Lister JP3

Lister JP3 - Year of Manufacture 1944

1944 built Lister JP3. 27hp @ 1000rpm, This engine is an example of a Marine Power Services marine converted Lister JP3. Starting its life as an industrial version this engine has been totally restored and converted to marine specification.

The conversion to marine specification includes moving the flywheel to the correct end of the engine as per genuine marine Lister JP's, this allows us to mount a gearbox to the engine instead of on a remote plate like so many inferior conversions, In this case it is being fitted with a 2:1 ratio PRM260 gearbox. This keeps the overall length of the engine down to a minimum enabling a shorter engine room. In fact our marine conversion come in at 4 inches (100mm) shorter than the original marine versions. 

Another part of this conversion is the fitting of electric start, a Jabsco water pump and thermostatic temperature control, along with a full set of new wet manifolds as fitted to genuine marine Lister JP's, this includes the water cooled exhaust manifold, drum silencer and water outlet rail.

This engine is not just a standard industrial engine with the minimum plate mounted adaption to fit in a boat. This engine has been fully converted to the marine spec as Lister intended.

To see a video of this engine running on arrival at MPS click here

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

Lister jp3 engine 001
Lister jp3 engine 002
Lister jp3 engine 003
Lister jp3 engine 004
Lister jp3 engine 005
Lister jp3 engine 006
Lister jp3 engine 007
Lister jp3 engine 008
Lister jp3 engine 009
Lister jp3 engine 010
Lister jp3 engine 011
Lister jp3 engine 012
Lister jp3 engine 013

1940 Kromhout Gardner 4LW

Kromhout Gardner 4LW - Year of Manufacture August 1940

This 1940 built Kromhout Gardner 4LW. 68hp @ 1700rpm, Originally powered a Dutch bus, this engine is an example of the Gardner LW series engines that were built under licence from L.Gardner & Sons by Kromhout Motoren Fabriek in Holland and is now awaiting total restoration and conversion to marine specification for fitment into a historic Dutch barge.

The conversion of this engine to marine specification included the addition of electric start with engine starting and domestic alternators, fitting of a marine rear end exit exhaust manifold and the fitting of marine type engine mounting feet. The engine also has been fitted with thermostatic temperature control and a new PRM 750 1.5:1 ratio gearbox.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

kromhout Gardner 4lw engine 001
kromhout Gardner 4lw engine 002
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 003
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 004
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 005
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 006
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 007
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 008
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 009
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 010
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 011
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 012
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 013
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 014
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 015
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 016
kromhout gardner 4lw engine 017

1963 Lister JS3M

Lister JS3M - Year of Manufacture 1963

This Lister JS3M is a very rare piece of Lister engineering and is a later developement of the Lister JP3M. This model included various upgrades, it still retains the compression change over valves as per the JP's but has the addition of oil feed pipework to the valve rocker shafts so no more daily greasing is needed and the engine also has an increased maximum rpm of 1500 instead of the JP's 1200rpm.

The JS model was only ever produced as a 3 cylinder and is rare even in industrial guise so this marine variant is like hens teeth.

This engine produces 43.5hp @ 1500rpm, This engine is a genuine marine unit and was complete with the orignal lister fitted Blackstone 2:1 ratio gearbox and raised hand start. This engine has now undergone complete restoration which included conversion to electric start and the replacement of the mechanical Blackstone gearbox with a modern PRM 260 2:1 ratio gearbox.

To see a video of this engine running on arrival at MPS click here

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

Lister js3m engine 001
Lister js3m engine 002
Lister js3m engine 003
Lister js3m engine 004
Lister js3m engine 005
Lister js3m engine 006
Lister js3m engine 007
Lister js3m engine 008
Lister js3m engine 009
Lister js3m engine 010
lister js3m engine 011
lister js3m engine 012
lister js3m engine 013
lister js3m engine 014
lister js3m engine 015
lister js3m engine 016
lister js3m engine 017
lister js3m engine 018
lister js3m engine 019

1931 Gardner 3L2

Gardner 3L2 - Year of Manufacture Dec 1931

Arriving with us in November 2012 from Geneva, Switzerland was this 1931 built Gardner 3L2, 28.5hp @ 1000 rpm. Supplied new this engine had powered the motor boat Octavia built for a Mr J H Dunn in Buenos Aires - Argentina (built during the period from 1931 to its commisioning in 1935) and belonged to the same family until 2004. It was then purchased by the present owner and moved to Geneva. Unfortunately over the winter of 2011 it suffered severe frost damage to the cylinder block, resulting in its temporary removal for complete overhaul and repair with MPS.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

gardner 3l2 marine engine 001
gardner 3l2 marine engine 002
gardner 3l2 marine engine 003
gardner 3l2 marine engine 004
gardner 3l2 marine engine 005
gardner 3l2 marine engine 006
gardner 3l2 marine engine 007
gardner 3l2 marine engine 008
gardner 3l2 marine engine 009
gardner 3l2 marine engine 010
gardner 3l2 marine engine 011
gardner 3l2 marine engine 012
gardner 3l2 marine engine 013
gardner 3l2 marine engine 014
gardner 3l2 marine engine 015
gardner 3l2 marine engine 016
gardner 3l2 marine engine 017
gardner 3l2 marine engine 018
gardner 3l2 marine engine 019
gardner 3l2 marine engine 020
gardner 3l2 marine engine 021
gardner 3l2 marine engine 022
gardner 3l2 marine engine 023
gardner 3l2 marine engine 024
gardner 3l2 marine engine 025
gardner 3l2 marine engine 026
gardner 3l2 marine engine 027
gardner 3l2 marine engine 028

Along with the engine came its original Gardner No 2 gearbox. This had come for an overhaul along with the engine as it had become excessively noisy while in use. This noise was found to be due to excessively worn bearings.

gardner no2 marine gearbox 001
gardner no2 marine gearbox 002
gardner no2 marine gearbox 003
gardner no2 marine gearbox 004
gardner no2 marine gearbox 005
gardner no2 marine gearbox 006
gardner no2 marine gearbox 007
gardner no2 marine gearbox 008
gardner no2 marine gearbox 009
gardner no2 marine gearbox 010
gardner no2 marine gearbox 011
gardner no2 marine gearbox 012
gardner no2 marine gearbox 013
gardner no2 marine gearbox 014
gardner no2 marine gearbox 015

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