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1952 Lister JP3M

Lister JP3M - Year of Manufacture 1952

Lister JP3M. 35hp @ 1200rpm, This engine was removed for major overhaul from it narrowboat home where it has lived for many years. It was suffering from excessive smoke and very low oil pressure. This engine is a genuine marine JP3 and was fully reconditioned before returning to its home in february 2012.

This engine during rebuild was also modified to include thermostat temperature control, Alternator drive pulley and Lister JK type oil feed rockers.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

Lister jp3m marine engine 001
Lister jp3m marine engine 002
Lister jp3m marine engine 003
Lister jp3m marine engine 004
Lister jp3m marine engine 005
Lister jp3m marine engine 006
Lister jp3m marine engine 007
Lister jp3m marine engine 008
Lister jp3m marine engine 009
Lister jp3m marine engine 010
Lister jp3m marine engine 011

1947 Kromhout Gardner 3LS (LW)

Kromhout Gardner 3LW(LS) - Year of Manufacture Dec 1947

Kromhout-Gardner 3LW (LS). 36hp @1200rpm, this engine type was built under licence from L Gardner & Sons by Kromhout Motoren Fabriek in Holland. This particular engine is a Gardner 3LW with the added feature that it is a true ships diesel engine (scheepsdiesel) with split crankcase specifically designed for marine use to allow all maintenance to be carried out from above. Similar crankcase design to that of the Gardner L2 series engines. This engine was completed with 24 volt electric start and New PRM 260, 2:1 ratio gearbox.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

kromhout gardner 3ls engine 001
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 002
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 003
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 004
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 005
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 006
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 007
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 008
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 009
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 010
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 011
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 012
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 013
kromhout gardner 3ls engine 014

1936 Lister JP2M

Lister JP2M - Year of Manufacture 1936
Lister JP2M. 23hp @ 1200rpm, This engine is a early example of a genuine marine unit. This engine on arrival with MPS was fitted with the orignal lister Blackstone 3:1 ratio gearbox and was raised hand start only. It was restored with a conversion to PRM 260 2:1 gearbox and electric start while still retaining the raised hand start.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

Lister jp2m marine engine 001
Lister jp2m marine engine 002
Lister jp2m marine engine 003
Lister jp2m marine engine 004
Lister jp2m marine engine 005
Lister jp2m marine engine 006
Lister jp2m marine engine 007
Lister jp2m marine engine 008
Lister jp2m marine engine 009
Lister jp2m marine engine 010
Lister jp2m marine engine 011
Lister jp2m marine engine 012
Lister jp2m marine engine 013

1953 Gardner 2LW

Gardner 2LW - Year of Manufacture 1953

Gardner 2LW. 24hp @ 1200rpm, This engine is a genuine marine unit that had spent its life from new in a water taxi in Hong Kong. After a complete restoration of the engine it was finished off with a new PRM 260 gearbox and 24v electric start. Also 24v start bank alternator and 12v 120amp domestic alternator.

To see a video of this engine running on arrival at MPS click here

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

gardner 2lw marine engine 001
gardner 2lw marine engine 002
gardner 2lw marine engine 003
gardner 2lw marine engine 004
gardner 2lw marine engine 005
gardner 2lw marine engine 006
gardner 2lw marine engine 007
gardner 2lw marine engine 008
gardner 2lw marine engine 009
gardner 2lw marine engine 010
gardner 2lw marine engine 011
gardner 2lw marine engine 012
gardner 2lw marine engine 013
gardner 2lw marine engine 014
gardner 2lw marine engine 015
gardner 2lw marine engine 016

1922 Bolinder W7 M20

Bolinder W7 M20 - Year of Manufacture approx 1922

Bolinder W7 M20, 15hp(continuous)@ 700rpm, 20hp(peak)@800rpm This engine is genuine marine unit complete with original 1:1 reversing gear and was fully restored by its previous owner.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

bolinder W7m20 engine 001
bolinder W7m20 engine 002
bolinder W7m20 engine 003

1935 Dorman 2DSM

Dorman 2DSM - Year of Manufacture circa 1935

Dorman 2DSM. 10hp @ 1000rpm, This engine is a genuine marine engine produced by W H Dorman & co Ltd of stafford, This engine was removed from a Dutch scout training vessel which it had been powering since new. It was only removed due to legislation changes deaming it to small for the 70ft vessel it had been powering for 60 years. It was replaced by a Dorman 4DSM.........

This engine had undergone a major inspection and service.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

Dorman 2dsm engine 001
Dorman 2dsm engine 002
Dorman 2dsm engine 003
Dorman 2dsm engine 004

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