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Standard Warranty Terms

MPS Vintage Diesels (MPS) supply only the best quality used or reconditioned engines and in order to ensure high standards, all units are tested and individually inspected before leaving MPS.

However, they are complex mechanical machines and function as part of a larger assembly that has not been inspected by MPS. Therefore correct installation and maintenance are imperative to the performance of the product. Regular servicing as specified by MPS and original engine manufacture documentation is essential.


The MPS Vintage Diesels warranty is 12 month from date of purchase (shown on original invoice) During this period MPS agrees to repair or replace (at its option) any product which it supplied and proves faulty within the 12 month period specified by your warranty

provided that:

A. Any instructions on the fitting either verbally or written are observed in total.

B. A 25 hour service is carried out by a reputable yard or qualified person (record of service may be requested in the event of a warranty claim) and must include:
• oil and filter change.
• re-torqueing of cylinder head and manifolds where possible or required. Refer to manufacturer documentation.
• checking and resetting, if necessary, valve clearances.
• adjustment of idle and High Idle settings.

C. Thereafter regular servicing to manufacturer's specifications for the duration of the warranty.


PLEASE NOTE: MPS Vintage Diesels warranty is a major mechanical failure only warranty.

1. COMMENCEMENT: This warranty takes effect from the final invoice date of the goods and finishes at the end of one calendar year from this date.

2. LIMIT OF COVER: The warranty covers the cylinder block, head and all internal components; it does not cover the starter motor or alternators (if fitted), these parts are remanufactured externally from MPS and therefore are warranted by their respective reconditioners. In the event one of these items fails contact MPS who will arrange for the return of the item to its supplier for repair or replacement.

3. LABOUR CHARGES: MPS Vintage Diesels provides a limited parts only warranty. In the case of an engine failing when fitted please contact MPS to discuss the course of action for repair.

In the case of a major failure (e.g. piston failure/seizure) the engine will require to be returned to MPS. In the case of a minor failure during the warranty period (e.g water pump leaking, injector faulty) the individual faulty item must be return to MPS for repair or replacement. MPS accepts no liability for any costs relating to the removal, refitting of the engine or part.

4. OIL/COOLANT LEAKS: Should any oil leak occur with any seal or gasket during the initial 25 hour run in period it will be covered by this warranty. Any oil leakage after that time will not be covered as it will be deemed to have been affected by factors beyond the control of MPS.

5. CYLINDER GASKET: Should any fault occur with the head gasket during the initial run in period it will be covered under our warranty. Any gasket that fails outside that period will be deemed to have been affected by outside factors beyond the control of MPS and is not covered.

N.B. Cylinder head gaskets function under extremely arduous circumstances and are susceptible to the conditions of the cooling system of the vehicle/vessel. Therefore, as MPS has no control over the condition of the cooling system, it cannot accept any responsibility beyond the first 25 hours.

6. REPAIR PARTS: If repairs are carried out on Marine Power Services supplied engines, MPS reserves the right to supply those parts.

7. DELAYS: MPS will always endeavour to meet the obligations of this warranty as quickly as possible. But it will not be held responsible for any consequential loss or undue delay in repairs being completed. Nor will it be held responsible for any delay in the supply of parts that is beyond its control.

8. MODIFICATIONS: Any MPS product that has been modified or altered from its as supplied state is expressly excluded from this warranty.

9. TRANSFER: This warranty is personal to you, the person named on the original purchase invoice and may not be transferred to any other person or company.

10. WAIVER: This warranty contains all the terms and conditions offered by MPS relating to any product sold by it. No warranty condition, description or representation on Marine Power Services behalf is given, except as set out herein and none is implied for anything written or printed by Marine Power Services or on its behalf elsewhere.

11. Our Warranty is Limited to replacement or repair. NO Allowance will be given for any charges whilst the vessel is in-operable e.g. yard/marina fees, transport charges etc.

12. RIGHTS: Your statutory rights are not affected, this warranty applies to the United Kingdom only.