1944 Lister JP3

Lister JP3 - Year of Manufacture 1944

1944 built Lister JP3. 27hp @ 1000rpm, This engine is an example of a Marine Power Services marine converted Lister JP3. Starting its life as an industrial version this engine has been totally restored and converted to marine specification.

The conversion to marine specification includes moving the flywheel to the correct end of the engine as per genuine marine Lister JP's, this allows us to mount a gearbox to the engine instead of on a remote plate like so many inferior conversions, In this case it is being fitted with a 2:1 ratio PRM260 gearbox. This keeps the overall length of the engine down to a minimum enabling a shorter engine room. In fact our marine conversion come in at 4 inches (100mm) shorter than the original marine versions. 

Another part of this conversion is the fitting of electric start, a Jabsco water pump and thermostatic temperature control, along with a full set of new wet manifolds as fitted to genuine marine Lister JP's, this includes the water cooled exhaust manifold, drum silencer and water outlet rail.

This engine is not just a standard industrial engine with the minimum plate mounted adaption to fit in a boat. This engine has been fully converted to the marine spec as Lister intended.

To see a video of this engine running on arrival at MPS click here

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

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