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Armstrong Siddely AS2

Armstong Siddeley AS2 - Year of Manufacture TBC

Engine current condition - Undergoing Stripdown and investigation

Armstrong Siddeley AS2. 20hp @ 2000rpm. This engine has recently arrived in the workshop for stripdown and condition investigation.

armstrong siddely AS2 engine 001
armstrong siddely AS2 engine 002
armstrong siddely AS2 engine 003
armstrong siddely AS2 engine 004
armstrong siddely AS2 engine 005
armstrong siddely AS2 engine 006
armstrong siddely AS2 engine 007
armstrong siddely AS2 engine 008
armstrong siddely AS2 engine 009

1953 Samofa 2S108

Samofa 2S108 - Year of Manufacture circa 1953

Engine current condition - Undergoing Restoration

Samofa 2S108. 25hp @ 1250rpm. This engine is available rebuilt to meet your requirements with a choice of gearboxes, alternators and other ancillaries.

As many of you are aware here at MPS we have restored a lot of Gardner LWs and their Kromhout first cousins the LW and LS engines. There is also a second cousin in the form of the Samofa 1S-108 and 2S-108 engines built between 1948 and 1967. They have lots of Gardner parts inside!.  Revered in The Netherlands in the same way we covet Gardner 2LWs and Lister JP2s these solidly built engines make a refreshing alternative at an affordable price.

£ Price dependent on final specification

samofa 2s108 engine 001
samofa 2s108 engine 002
samofa 2s108 engine 003
samofa 2s108 engine 004

1930 Gardner 3L2

Gardner 3L2 - Year of Manufacture Aug 1930

Engine current condition - Undergoing Restoration

Currently available is this 1930 built Gardner 3L2, 28.5hp @ 1000 rpm. Removed from a motor boat on the Isle of Wight to make way for a more modern compact engine. This engine having powered the boat from new. This engine can be supplied by MPS fitted with a choice of gearbox ratios and alternator equipment. Various options available.

£ Price dependent on final specification

To see a video of this engine running on arrival at MPS click here

gardner 3L2 engine 001
gardner 3l2 engine 002
gardner 3l2 engine 003
gardner 3l2 engine 004
gardner 3l2 engine 005
gardner 3l2 engine 006
gardner 3l2 engine 007
gardner 3l2 engine 008
gardner 3l2 engine 009
gardner 3l2 engine 010
gardner 3l2 engine 011

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