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Custom Parts & Modifications

Do you need a part that is proving hard to find, sonething that without you can't continue or you need a custom part to suit your project? Yes, then contact Us.

Here at MPS we have produced many parts over the years to allow the completion of many of our rebuilds. With in house CAD, 3 Axis CNC router, Machine Shop and Fabrication facilities we can produce in house or do the design work required to produce most parts. Some examples of parts we can supply include.

  • Gaskets & Seals (Incl Head Gaskets)

  • Pistons & Piston Rings

  • Cylinder Liners

  • Manifolds (Dry and Water Cooled)

  • Flywheel Ring Gears (Electric Start)

  • Valves & Valve Guides

  • Bell Housings

  • Gearbox Mount & Drive Plates

  • Engine & Ancillary Mounts

  • Pattern Making & Castings

  • Camshafts

  • Bearings (Incl Main, Big & Small ends)

Custom Parts

Here at MPS it is commonplace for us to overhaul an engine where many, if not all, spare parts are in short supply so if you have been searching for a part and just cant get one, then contact us. We carry a large amount of spares for Gardner, Kromhout, Lister and Samofa but if we dont have what you need we are able to offer a custom parts service for part which otherwise are unable to be found.

Either from a sample part or drawing we are able to reverse engineer a part and produce new items to replace it. So if you can't find a gasket or unable to source a replacement manifold MPS can help.

Lister JP, JS, JK2M Water Manifold & Patterns

Lister JP, JS, JK2M water manifold

Lister JP, JS, JK Marine Exhaust Silencer Pattern

Lister JP,JS, JK Marine Exhaust Silencer

Lister JP, JS, JK Marine Pipework Ends & Patterns

gardner/Kromhout LW LS 2 & 3 Cylinder Exhaust Manifold Patterm

Gardner/Kromhout LW & LS 2 cylinder Exhasut Manifold

Lister JP, JS, JK Marine Silencer Outlet Casting

Lister JP, JS, JK2 Marine Injector Pipes

Gardner, Kromhout L2, LW, LS, LX/B/C/CT Starter Ring Gears

Gardner/Kromhout 2-6L2 and LW, GS Piston Assembly

Samofa 2S108 Cylinder Head Gasket


    So your engine is running fine but there are some things about it that don't fit with how you use it, or how it currently is makes it hard work to operate then here at MPS we can help.

    Many of the engines we deal with come from an era where things like manual temperature control, Hand Starting and mechanical gearboxes are commonplace. However in modern times an engine where you check the oil and water and press start is what people are used to so here at MPS we can offer a number of modifications to modernise your engine to ease it's use or to reduce the daily maintenance.

    Some of the Modifications we offer.

    • Electric start conversion

    • Adaption components for alternator fitment

    • Gearbox / Hydraulic drive adaption

    • Lister JP conversion to oil fed valve rockers (JK Spec)

    • Manual to automatic temperature control conversion

    • Application adaption (Marine, Rail, Power Generation, Automotive)

    Gardner 2LW Hand Start Only
    Gardner 2LW Flywheel Machined for Starter Ring Gear
    Gardner 2LW Flywheel fully Converted to Electric Start
    Lister JP2 FLywheel after Machining and Ring Gear Fitment
    Lister JP, JS jK Electric start & Alternator Conversion
    Kromhout Ts117 PRM Gearbox conversion