Petter B3

Petter B3 - Year of Manufacture 1959

This Petter B3 marine engine arrived with MPS when the plans for fitting into his boat never happened, The B3 is one of the very best of the Petter designs.36hp @ 1800 rpm. This engine is fitted with 12 volt electric start and 2:1 ratio Parsons gearbox. Already in good working order it was put through our workshop for general repair and servicing, including the refitting of an original raised hand start and new marine mounting feet. The engine was finished off with thermostatic temperature control and 120amp 12 volt alternator and supplied to re-power a narrowboat which the existing engine had failed in.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

petter B3 engine 001
petter B3 engine 002
petter B3 engine 003
petter B3 engine 004
petter B3 engine 005
petter B3 engine 006
petter B3 engine 007
petter B3 engine 008
petter B3 engine 009
petter B3 engine 010

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