1935 Dorman 2DSM

Dorman 2DSM - Year of Manufacture circa 1935

Dorman 2DSM. 10hp @ 1000rpm, This engine is a genuine marine engine produced by W H Dorman & co Ltd of stafford, This engine was removed from a Dutch scout training vessel which it had been powering since new. It was only removed due to legislation changes deaming it to small for the 70ft vessel it had been powering for 60 years. It was replaced by a Dorman 4DSM.........

This engine had undergone a major inspection and service.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

Dorman 2dsm engine 001
Dorman 2dsm engine 002
Dorman 2dsm engine 003
Dorman 2dsm engine 004

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