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1938 Kromhout Gardner 5LS (LW)

Gardner 6LXB - Year of Manufacture 1970

Engine current condition - Unrestored, non-running

Currently available is this 1938 built Kromhout Gardner 5LS (LW). 78hp @ 1500rpm, an original marine propulsion engine this unit is now available for restoration to its future owners required specification. Is that going to be you?

This engine type was built under licence from L Gardner & Sons by Kromhout Motoren Fabriek in Holland. This particular engine is essentially a Gardner 5LW with the added feature that it is a true ships diesel engine (scheepsdiesel) with split crankcase specifically designed for marine use to allow all maintenance to be carried out from above. Similar crankcase design to that of the Gardner L2 series engines.

This engine can be supplied as engine only or with a choice of appropriate gearboxes and adaption kits.

Alternator crankshaft pulleys, alternators, and many other options also available

£ Price dependent on final specification