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Pair of Gardner 6LX marine engines

Posted - 18th December 2016

The end of 2016 sees the arrival of a special pair of engines and a rare combination of the day job and these old engines for me (Martyn). These engines have been temporarily removed for ex RNLI Lifeboat ON989 - RNLB James and Catherine Macfarlane. She was built by Berthon Boat Company, Lymington in 1967. Serving at Padstow, Cornwall from 1967 to 1983 and then The Lizard, Cornwall from 1983 until 1987 when she was withdrawn from service. Early in 1988 she was put on display to the public at Lands End, Cornwall where she remained until mid 2016 when due to her deteriorating condition she was sold to the current owners.

To compliment this boats return to the sea, she is undergoing an end to end refit and conversion for pleasure use whilst retaining her lifeboat looks externally. MPS have been tasked to return the pair of Gardner's that have not run in 30 years to full working order.

RNLI RNLB 4802 01
RNLI RNLB 4802 02
RNLI RNLB 4802 03
RNLI RNLB 4802 04

Marine Power Services on the Move Part 3

New Workshop fitout.

Posted - 12th August 2015

Following on from our last update the new workshop is now up and running with the first engines to go through the new workshop being a Gardner 2LW and a Kromhout 3LS.

new workshop 3 1
new workshop 3 2

Marine Power Services on the Move Part 2

New Workshop fitout.

Posted - 06th July 2015

Following on from our update back in May many things have been happening at MPS. With the new workshop nearing completion the time has now come to start moving the many tonnes of engines, spares and equipment from one site to the other and the weekend saw the first engines arrive in our new workshop. Over the coming weeks we will completing the electrical fit out in the new workshop and sorting, cataloging and stowing away our stock of parts in our new stores area. as part of this work many new items will be available on our website over the coming weeks. 

new workshop 1

Marine Power Services on the Move

New Workshop fitout.

Posted - 08th May 2015

Since the departure of the Gardner 6L3 that was filling our workshop until late March our focus now has moved temporarily from the day to day re-manufacturing of vintage diesel engines to the fitting out of a new workshop. Our intention is for this to supplement our existing facilities for both engine re-manufacturing and to allow for expansion further into parts production. As recent years have seen an ever declining supply of some of the most commonly used parts ,and those that are available are of dubious quality, we will be adding the ability to manufacture, in house, CNC casting patterns, gaskets and press tooling for composite head gaskets etc . In particular accurately sized Lister JP,JS & JK head gaskets.    

Photo's to Follow Soon

Breathing Life Back Into The Heart of the Beta III Part 5

Repair and Recommissioning of a 1956 Gardner 6L3 engine.

Posted - 01th February 2015
February 2015 brings the next installment in the story of Beta III's Gardner 6L3 engine.  With Christmas and New year out of the way we progressed on with the reassembly of the Gardner 6L3, with January spent cleaning pipework and overhauling and calibrating the injector pumps and cambox, the later took some time due to damaged components caused by the engine being started after a long period out of use which resulting in various broken tappets and tappet springs. 
With the cambox and manifolds fitted the next couple of jobs will see the light at the end of the tunnel come into view with only a few jobs left to complete before test run time. First up is the refitting of the engine lubricating oil pump and all associated pipework followed by timing the camshaft and setting the tappets, well the latter as soon as we can track down a replacement water pump!!
The next update will see this engine undergoing its test running before heading back to the engine room of the Beta III.
Gardner 6L3 marine engine strip Beta III fireboat 001
Gardner 6L3 marine engine strip Beta III fireboat 002

New for 2015 - Marine Power Services Online Store

New Online Store for 2015

Posted - 07th December 2015
The start of 2015 will see the arrival of a new MPS Online Store. This will replace the original parts listing that the website has displayed since its launch in spring 2014. This new online store will now include a much larger selection of parts for many vintage engine models and will continue to be added to throughout 2015 to better reflect the new, new old stock, refurbished and used parts MPS has in stock. The new online store will also see the return of the ability to purchase and download manuals from the full MPS manual archive, the information area free online manual flip books will remain.

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