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In collaboration with the Riveted Narrowboat Company

Posted - 24th May 2013
Although MPS works on and restores many vintage engines for all sorts of different applications; boats, generators, railway locomotives, and even pumps. The last few months have seen us working on something a little bit different.
"What could it be?" I hear you ask.
Well it is a boat, at least part of one.. It is also fitted with a 1942 vintage Lister 9-1 (JP1) and is held together with rows of rivets, but none of these are fake, and to top it off it is also on four wheels.
Yes you've guessed it, In collaboration with the Riveted Narrowboat Company (RNC) based in Ringmer, East Sussex. Marine Power Services have produced a display trailer for the 2013 boat show season.
Lister jp1 engine
ZRNCMPS setup at crick
The body of the show trailer is a representation of the engine room section of a RNC hull complete with all its rivets and removable soft patch in the engine room roof (A standard feature on their hulls). This allow for the engine, which is normally one of the major expenses of a boat purchase to be fitted at the last minute. This ensures it remains clean and undamaged during the boats fit out. Saves on the Brasso and Paintwork touch up afterwards!!.
The late part of 2012 and early 2013 was spent with the RNC producing the hull section to fit onto a road going trailer. On completion this was painted and sign written. It was at this point MPS had work to do, on a wet and miserable Saturday morning the trailer arrived with us for us to bring to Lister 9-1 to life.
This included making the timber beds to mount it, wiring the starter motor, fabricating the exhaust system, bending up, mounting and connecting the fuel and water systems. Also at some time in the past the engine had been converted to marine dry sump so the oil tank required mounting and pipework producing. Most of the on engine pipework that it arrived with was unsuitable for this installation and needed to be redone, so with this removed the pipework routes were decided and the clamps welded in place.
The engine had been out of use for some time so a little TLC was needed. The valve clearances were checked and adjusted after finding the exhaust valve clearance to be nearer 0.100" instead of 0.008" which it should be. Also the injector pump had suffered from water ingress and was seized. After a rebuild of the pump and with some fresh oil in the tank we attempted the first start. A few turns and the old Lister was off and ready for the shows of 2013.
The next appearance of the show trailer will be at the start of the 2014 season (Location to be confirmed).

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