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Breathing Life Back Into The Heart of the Beta III Part 5

Repair and Recommissioning of a 1956 Gardner 6L3 engine.

Posted - 01st February 2015
February 2015 brings the next installment in the story of Beta III's Gardner 6L3 engine.  With Christmas and New year out of the way we progressed on with the reassembly of the Gardner 6L3, with January spent cleaning pipework and overhauling and calibrating the injector pumps and cambox, the later took some time due to damaged components caused by the engine being started after a long period out of use which resulting in various broken tappets and tappet springs. 
With the cambox and manifolds fitted the next couple of jobs will see the light at the end of the tunnel come into view with only a few jobs left to complete before test run time. First up is the refitting of the engine lubricating oil pump and all associated pipework followed by timing the camshaft and setting the tappets, well the latter as soon as we can track down a replacement water pump!!
The next update will see this engine undergoing its test running before heading back to the engine room of the Beta III.

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