Marine Power Services to MPS Vintage Diesels

Marine Power Services Rebrands to MPS Vintage Diesels

Posted - 10th April 2020

To accompany the new website detailed in our last news update we are happy to announce the rebrand of Marine Power Services to MPS Vintage Diesels. This change has been made to ensure that from a branding level it best describes what we do. Yes we do vintage engines for marine, but this is only a small part of what we do, we also support vintage diesels in any application including Industrial, Rail, Power Generation, Truck and Bus.

New Website Launch

New Look MPS Website

Posted - 10th April 2020

Since the launch of the last MPS website back in 2014 a lot has changed both with our services and with computer technology. The old website has served us well but is now showing its age so for 2020 MPS is launching a new website that better reflect what we do and provides a better user interface when used on mobile devices. This new site includes a increased product portfolio in our store and a added selection of information and interest pieces.

Acquisition of Stock

Acquisition of Fuel Injection Stock

Posted - 18th December 2018

With the closure of Watson Diesel of Wimbledon in mid 2018, MPS can announce the acquisition of Watson diesels extensive stock of mechanical fuel injection equipment including pumps and injectors for everything from single cylinder Lister's to chieftain and Challanger tanks (Perkins V8 and V12's). This stock acquisition will compliment MPS existing stock of older fuel injection equipment. Don't forget we have in house facilities to overhaul most mechanical fuel injection equipment, so if you fuel equipment needs so TLC contact us.

Fuel Injection Equipment

In House Fuel Injection Equipment

Posted - 24th July 2018

Although companies that recondition fuel injection equipment are commonplace across the UK, it is becoming increasingly hard to find one's that have detailed knowledge of older mechanical fuel injection equipment. Many are lost if it doesn't involve plugging in a laptop. Because of this MPS have expanded our in house services to cover this shortfall and have the equipment and expertise to overhaul, test and calibrate most common makes and models of injector pumps, governors and injectors found in these old engines including, CAV - A, AA, B, C, D, N, NN, BZ and Bosch PE, PES pumps.

Hartridge diesel 001
Hartridge diesel 002

Time to Have a Wash

New Parts Cleaning Facilities

Posted - 2th December 2017

After many years of scrubbing, scrubbing and more scrubbing by hand all of the parts when we recondition an engine, MPS now has, in house, hot chemical parts wash facilities. This means no more scrubbing, but don't tell my wife... she will want me to do the washing up next...

Old for New

Old MPS workshop meets its end

Posted - 17th June 2017

Those of you who have been keeping up with what is going on here at MPS will know that back in 2015 we were fitting out a new workshop, this gave us the space to expand but also highlighted just how "past it" the old workshop really was. So as summer 2017 is upon us the old MPS workshop gets a date with Martyn in a mini digger. The old workshop is to be removed before a new larger workshop is built in its place. This will house the machine shop items leaving the other workshop for engine assembly and stores.

workshop demo mps

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