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1967 Samofa 2S108

Samofa 2S108- Year of Manufacture 1967

Samofa 2S108 Marine. 30hp @ 1500rpm. Although a running engine when purchased by the owner this engine had been sat for some years, because of this the engine was with us for strip, inspection and overhaul. however, a change of plans for the owner (second hand boat instead of a new one) means this beautiful engine is now available. Completed with 12v electric start, 12v 175 Amp Iskra alternator, Gear driven Jabsco coolant pump, modern fuel filter and its original 2:1 reduction gearbox this engine type makes an ideal power plant for a tradition narrowboat. Sharing many components with its cousin the Gardner 2LW it is a similar engine but without the premium the 2LW's cost.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

samofa 2s108 001
samofa 2s108 002
samofa 2s108 003
samofa 2s108 004
samofa 2s108 005
samofa 2s108 006
samofa 2s108 007
samofa 2s108 008
samofa 2s108 009
samofa 2s108 010
samofa 2s108 011
samofa 2s108 012
samofa 2s108 013
samofa 2s108 014
samofa 2s108 015
samofa 2s108 016
samofa 2s108 017

1935 Kromhout Gardner 3LW

Kromhout Gardner 3LW - Year of Manufacture May 1935

This 1935 built Kromhout Gardner 3LW, 36hp @ 1200rpm, originally powered a dutch bus. This engine is a very early example of the Gardner LW series engines that were built under licence from L.Gardner & Sons by Kromhout Motoren Fabriek in Holland and underwent a total restoration and conversion to marine specification Including 2:1 ratio PRM 280 gearbox.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 001
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 002
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 003
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 004
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 005
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 006
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 007
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 008
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 009
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 010
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 011
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 012
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 013
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 014
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 015
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 016
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 017
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 018
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 019
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 020
Kromhout Gardner 3lw engine 021

1936 Gardner 2L2

Gardner 2L2 - Year of Manufacture 1936

Engine current condition - Undergoing Restoration

1936 built Gardner 2L2, 19hp @ 1000 rpm. Originally supplied as a generator set engine to civil engineers Holland, Hannen and Cubitts in Sussex. Prior to the current owners purchasing the engine it was removed from its generator and ancillaries. This engine came to MPS for completion of its restoration as the current owner has been struggling for time to complete this beautiful piece of Gardner engineering. The engine was completed to show condition before returning to the owners private collection.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

gardner 2l2 engine 001
gardner 2l2 engine 002
gardner 2l2 engine 003
gardner 2l2 engine 004
gardner 2l2 engine 005
gardner 2l2 engine 006
gardner 2l2 engine 007
gardner 2l2 engine 008
gardner 2l2 engine 009
gardner 2l2 engine 010
gardner 2l2 engine 011
gardner 2l2 engine 012
gardner 2l2 engine 013

1960 Dorman 3LB

Dorman 3LB - Year of Manufacture approx 1960

1960 built Dorman 3LB. 47hp @ 1500rpm, Originally powering a Jones crane this engine underwent a major overhaul and conversion to marine specification.

Although a less sought after traditional narrowboat engine these Dorman's are probably the best sounding of all the engines we do, with its long stroke each firing stroke is well defined and gives that sound that will get passers by asking what engine it is.

This engine was completed with 2:1 ratio PRM 280 gearbox and Twin 175A alternators.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

dorman 3LB engine 001
dorman 3LB engine 002
dorman 3LB engine 003
dorman 3LB engine 004
dorman 3LB engine 005
dorman 3LB engine 006
dorman 3LB engine 007
dorman 3LB engine 008
dorman 3LB engine 009
dorman 3LB engine 010
dorman 3LB engine 011
dorman 3LB engine 012
dorman 3LB engine 013
dorman 3LB engine 014
dorman 3LB engine 015

Samofa 2S108

Samofa 2S108 - Year of Manufacture TBC

Samofa 2S108. 20hp @ 1000rpm, This engine had been sent to us for investigation due to a long period in storage and marinisation for use in a narrowboat. The engine was completed ready for a PRM gearbox and fitted with electric start, jabsco water pump conversion and 12v 175amp alternator.

To see a video of this engine running on arrival at MPS click here

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

samofa 2s108 engine 001
samofa 2s108 engine 002
samofa 2s108 engine 003
samofa 2s108 engine 004
samofa 2s108 engine 005
samofa 2s108 engine 006
samofa 2s108 engine 007
samofa 2s108 engine 008
samofa 2s108 engine 009
samofa 2s108 engine 010
samofa 2s108 engine 011
samofa 2s108 engine 012
samofa 2s108 engine 013
samofa 2s108 engine 014
samofa 2s108 engine 015
samofa 2s108 engine 016
samofa 2s108 engine 017
samofa 2s108 engine 018
samofa 2s108 engine 019
samofa 2s108 engine 020

1953 Gardner 2LW

Gardner 2LW- Year of Manufacture 1953

Gardner 2LW engine. 24hp @ 1200rpm. This engine is an cast iron crankcase example of this legendary British engine marque. Repatriated from Canada by its current owner it was originally with MPS to repair some damage to the flywheel bell housing caused during shipping and to assess the engines general condition for further use. However during inspection prior to test run bearing material was found in the oil and the engine was then fully overhauled.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

gardner 2lw engine 001
gardner 2lw engine 002
gardner 2lw engine 003
gardner 2lw engine 004
gardner 2lw engine 005
gardner 2lw engine 006
gardner 2lw engine 007
gardner 2lw engine 008
gardner 2lw engine 009
gardner 2lw engine 010
gardner 2lw engine 011
gardner 2lw engine 012
gardner 2lw engine 013
gardner 2lw engine 014
gardner 2lw engine 015
gardner 2lw engine 016
gardner 2lw engine 017
gardner 2lw engine 018
gardner 2lw engine 019
gardner 2lw engine 020
gardner 2lw engine 021
gardner 2lw engine 022
gardner 2lw engine 023
gardner 2lw engine 024
gardner 2lw engine 025

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