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1962 Gardner 6LX & 2UC Gearbox

Gardner 6LX - Year of Manufacture 1962

This engine was removed from a Thames barge to make way for a kitchen conversion after many years laying idle. This Gardner 6LX was a genuine marine unit complete with 2.960:1 ratio Gardner 2UC reduction gearbox. This engine produces 110hp @ 1300rpm and is fitted with 24 volt electric start. It has now left us as a used engine to start a new life powering a freight boat working in the Congo, Africa.  

To see a video of this engine running on arrival at MPS click here

Gardner 6lx marine engine 001
Gardner 6lx marine engine 002

1938 Lister JP2

Lister JP2 - Year of Manufacture 1938

Lister JP2. 23hp @ 1200rpm, This engine is an industrial version of the JP range of engines.

Sold As Project Engine

Lister jp2 engine 001

1948 Lister JP3M

Lister JP3M - Year of Manufacture 1948

Engine current condition - Unrestored, non-running

Lister JP3M. 35hp @ 1200rpm, This engine is a genuine marine unit and is complete with the orignal lister fitted blackstone 1:1 ratio gearbox and will be completed with electric and raised hand start.

£ Price dependent on final specification

Lister jp3 engine 001

1962 Kromhout 3TS 117

Kromhout 3TS 117 - Year of Manufacture August 1962

In late 2012/early 2013 this 1962 built Kromhout Gardner 3TS-117 underwent a general overhaul and gearbox adaption. Producing 54hp @ 1500rpm, This model represents where Kromhout Motoren Fabriek went after the licensing agreement with Gardner expired. Gardner moved from the LW series engines to the LX and Kromhout moved to the TS. This engine shares many design features that any Gardner enthusiast would recognise and also shares some internal components.

Being a genuine marine engine this engine has 24 volt electric start, raised hand start, marine engine mounting feet and is also fitted with thermostatic temperature control.

This engine was completed with a 1.09:1 ratio PRM750 gearbox,Twin 24 volt alternators and engine mounting steels.

kromhout 3TS 117 engine 001
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 002
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 003
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 004
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 005
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 006
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 007
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 008
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 009
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 010
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 011
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 012
kromhout 3TS 117 engine 013

1952 Lister JP3M

Lister JP3M - Year of Manufacture 1952

Lister JP3M. 35hp @ 1200rpm, This engine was removed for major overhaul from it narrowboat home where it has lived for many years. It was suffering from excessive smoke and very low oil pressure. This engine is a genuine marine JP3 and was fully reconditioned before returning to its home in february 2012.

This engine during rebuild was also modified to include thermostat temperature control, Alternator drive pulley and Lister JK type oil feed rockers.

To see a video of this engine running after overhaul click here

Lister jp3m marine engine 001
Lister jp3m marine engine 002
Lister jp3m marine engine 003
Lister jp3m marine engine 004
Lister jp3m marine engine 005
Lister jp3m marine engine 006
Lister jp3m marine engine 007
Lister jp3m marine engine 008
Lister jp3m marine engine 009
Lister jp3m marine engine 010
Lister jp3m marine engine 011

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