1962 Kromhout 3TS 117

Kromhout 3TS 117 - Year of Manufacture August 1962

In late 2012/early 2013 this 1962 built Kromhout Gardner 3TS-117 underwent a general overhaul and gearbox adaption. Producing 54hp @ 1500rpm, This model represents where Kromhout Motoren Fabriek went after the licensing agreement with Gardner expired. Gardner moved from the LW series engines to the LX and Kromhout moved to the TS. This engine shares many design features that any Gardner enthusiast would recognise and also shares some internal components.

Being a genuine marine engine this engine has 24 volt electric start, raised hand start, marine engine mounting feet and is also fitted with thermostatic temperature control.

This engine was completed with a 1.09:1 ratio PRM750 gearbox,Twin 24 volt alternators and engine mounting steels.